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Easy Registration

Our streamlined registration process is designed to make life easy for you. This can be completed either online or over the phone, where we will talk you through the stages and pre-populate the registration documents for you.

Step by Step
  • Contact us or ask your agency to provide us with your name and contact number.
  • We will contact you and discuss a solution to meet your needs.
  • You will choose a solution that best meets your circumstances.
  • We will take all the relevant details over the phone and send you the pre-populated registration documents.
  • You will sign and return the required documents in the pre-paid envelope provided.
  • We notify your agency that you are registered with Crest Plus and confirm which solution you have chosen.
  • The process is now complete.

Alternatively, you can register online:

  • We will receive notification that you have completed an online registration
  • We will then contact you to:
    Ensure you fully understand the solution you have chosen; and introduce you to your Business Unit who will deal with all of your contracting needs.
    (You can choose to register online after our initial conversation above, then we'll contact you to confirm we've received your registration and what if any action is required next)
  • We will then notify your agency as above, closing the loop
New Agency Registration

If an agency advises you that they have not worked with us before, simply call our office on 0870 2409966 or complete a contact form, and we will contact the agency and introduce Crest Plus, explaining our contracting concept.

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