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Get the best take-home pay.

As a contractor, your take-home pay will vary depending on whether you are an employee of an umbrella company or a director of your own limited company or personal service company.

You can use our handy Contractor Calculator to view an illustration of your potential take home pay depending on which working option is right for your current contracting circumstances.

Simply enter how many hours you are contracted to work each week and your contracted rate of pay and we will show an illustration of what your weekly net income take-home pay is likely to be.

Of course, our Contractor Calculator is only a guide, and we will have had to make some assumptions, but it’s certainly a helpful starting point. Our relationship team will be very happy to discuss your specific working arrangements and personal financial liabilities (e.g. student loan) with you and provide advice and detailed illustrations to help you decide which working option will help you to maximise your take-home pay and be compliant.

Contractor Calculator - Calculate your take home pay

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