Could your business’s cash be put to better use?

Lots of businesses have un-used cash held in various bank accounts. This can add up to a significant amount of capital, which they may not be getting the best return on. Corporate investment is a way of utilizing such unused capital to your business’s best advantage.

The independent financial advisors that we work with, Pareto Financial Planning, can examine the investment opportunities available to your business, and offer impartial advice on the best ways of securing and administering investments with a view to limiting your business’s tax liabilities.

There are a great deal of factors to take into account when considering corporate investment. The starting point is to identify how much money is available for investment and how long can the business afford to have this money tied up. Once this has been established the options become much clearer.

A low risk strategy will offer more security, but produce a modest return. Higher risk strategies offer the potential to make a much greater return, but with less security. Such decisions should not be taken lightly. For companies looking to improve their return on unused capital, it is important to have access to informed, reliable, financial advice. Pareto Financial Planning offer clear, jargon free, corporate investment advice to companies on how to manage and profit from their unused capital.

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