We’ll free you to run your business

We provide a range of specialist accountancy services to help owners of limited companies to work in a compliant manner while maximising take-home pay. Our service supports limited companies of all sizes, including Personal Service Companies which are a type of limited company particularly suited to contractors. Using us enables you to pass the administrative burden associated with running your company to experienced professionals. How much of that burden you wish us to take on is up to you.

There are certain unavoidable aspects of business administration that everyone who chooses to operate and manage their own limited company must deal with. Some company owners have neither the time, experience nor inclination to deal with this, so let us help you set up and run your limited company.


  • Flexibility - suitable for all length of projects and intermittent contract work

  • Ease of Set Up - dedicated experienced accounting team and no set up costs

  • Incorporating a company - we will incorporate a company to your specification

  • Business Bank Account - we can help you open a business bank account

  • Compliance - we offer guidance on how to operate your company

  • Hassle Free - all VAT, tax and year-end returns are completed for you and your company

  • Knowing your position - advising you on how much money you can withdraw and making you aware of the company's tax position

  • Insurance - we provide an on-line quote for your company’s insurance requirements, that is tailored to your needs

  • Service Plan - for more details about the service we offer click here.

How it works

  • Discuss your needs

    Your designated Crest Plus Accountant will agree with you your business’ accountancy requirements. contact us

  • Bespoke advice

    The advice you receive from us will wholly relate to you and your business. No two businesses are the same! contact us

  • Sit back and relax

    We’ll make you aware of deadlines for data submission, changes in relevant legislation and any other notification that is relevant to the services you have engaged us to provide. contact us

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