The contracting answer for individuals that want to work as employees on a series of short term assignments.


What is an Umbrella Company?

In the UK an umbrella company is a business that directly employs contractors and freelancers who work on fixed and flexible term contract assignments.

Being an employee of an umbrella company means that you work and pay tax as an employee of the umbrella company. As an ‘employee’ you are entitled to employee benefits such as holiday pay, sick pay and (unlike a ‘worker’) the right to a pension. Being employed by an umbrella company also involves you in far less paperwork than other working options e.g. being self -employed or running a limited company, and means that your pay is handled in a timely manner. Since it provides one continuous employment it’s easier for contractors to secure important things like loans and mortgages too. In summary it leaves you, the contractor, free to do what you do best.

That’s why it’s a popular option for hundreds of thousands of contractors, in fact it is estimated that 14% of the UK’s professional contractors are currently working through an umbrella company.

Why choose Umbrella Plus from Crest Plus

Established in 1999 Crest Plus is one of the UK’s longest established umbrella employment companies.

Over that time we have worked with 350,000 contractors and 800 agencies to make over 3 million payments.

Through this record of achievement and experience Crest Plus has built an enviable reputation in the industry for reliability, service excellence and attention to detail, resulting in the ultimate vote of confidence by being listed as a preferred supplier to most of the leading recruitment companies.

Our Umbrella Service offers:

  • Peace of Mind – all PAYE tax and NI automatically deducted
  • Statutory Benefits – enjoy the benefits of being an employee
  • Pension Scheme – making provisions for your future
  • Expenses – entitled to claim legitimate business expenses
  • Prompt payment – daily payroll runs to allow same day payment into your chosen bank account & SMS message to confirm payment is on the way
  • Flexibility – suitable for all length of assignments and intermittent contract work
  • Insurance – comprehensive personal accident insurance on all assignments (carried out for Crest Plus)
  • Online Portal – 24/7 expense submittal and access to view payslips
  • Unlimited access to our experienced Relationship Team – real people with loads of experience helping contractors
  • Simple registration process

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