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We are here to help you make the most of Umbrella contracting.

How long has Crest Plus been active as a company?

For over 20 years, paying hundreds of thousands of workers.


Are you a member of any professional body?

Yes, we are members of our sector trade body the FCSA, and we have team members who are members of the premier accountancy bodies ICAEW and CIMA.


What benefits does Crest Plus offer?

We offer employment with a financially sound employer. This is the most important benefit in these financially uncertain times of Covid-19 and Brexit.

We also include, at no cost to you, Personal Accident at work and commute to and from work insurance covers. This insurance can also be extended to cover accidents away from work and commuting at extremely competitive rates.

Additionally, all our employees and contractors benefit from our fantastic Crest Plus Advantage package that includes some exclusive deals with Trade Point (B&Q), Anchor Safety – specialist PPE and workwear providers, and Kudos Vehicle Leasing. Crest plus Advantage also provides many incredible discounts on high street shopping, restaurants and cinemas, as well as a wide array of free support resources on mental health, well-being, and fitness and lifestyle series.


How quick is the set-up process?

The set-up process with our friendly expert team is very quick indeed, usually less than ten minutes. However, if there are things you would like to discuss in further detail we will only too pleased to spend whatever time is needed to further clarify things for you.


Do you have an online portal?

Yes, you can click here to log in.


What does it cost to use your services?

We don’t charge you anything, however, we do take a small retained income from the contracting rate sent to us by your recruitment agency to cover your pay and other employment costs. To be clear there are no hidden costs or joining or exit fees with Crest Plus.


What expenses can I claim?

If you are not ‘supervised, directed, or controlled’ as to the manner in which you perform your work, you may be able to reclaim any genuinely incurred business-related expenses including mileage and subsistence. However, if you have been considered ‘inside’ IR35 it will be very difficult to make a case to claim reimbursement of expenses because your ‘inside’ IR35 determination assessment will, unfortunately, contradict any basis for reclaiming such expenses. This is an area which will be receiving very close scrutiny from HMRC moving forward.


What insurances does Crest Plus have?

Crest Plus has its own Employers Liability, Product Liability, and Professional Indemnity insurance cover to provide cover for ourselves and our employees where your end hirer insurance cover is not applicable. This is the basis of all Umbrella insurance covers. Other specific insurances are also in place where standard in your sector.


What happens with holiday pay?

You can choose whether to accrue your holiday pay or have it paid out as an advance of pay each week.


What are the deductions from my pay?

The only deductions from your pay are PAYE, Employee’s NI, Employee’s pension contributions and where appropriate student loans or other attachment of earnings court orders. We account for all the statutory costs of employing you out of the contracting retained income paid to us by your recruitment agency specifically to cover your pay and these statutory employment costs, such as Employers NI.


Can I pay into my personal pension or use SIPPs?

Yes, of course, just let us know how much you want to pay into your pension plan.


What do I do with my Limited Company?

This depends on your future contracting. If it is likely that your future assignments will now not fall ‘outside’ IR35 under the new rules, then it may be sensible to close your limited company. If you would like to discuss other scenarios please contact one of our friendly team on 01244 684700.


Do you offer a Tax Return service?

Yes, we offer a competitively priced expert tax return preparation and submission service. Please contact our specialist team on 01244 684700 or click here for further information.


EXPERIENCED TEAM We have significant experience in IR35 legislation
RANGE OF SOLUTIONS We offer a range of compliant solutions to choose from
IT'S EASY TO JOIN It's easy to join Crest Plus and get set up, ready to work
HERE TO HELP You can contact our expert team for help and support

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